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Colder, safer.

Ice damages cellular life. Without freezing, the possibilities are life-changing.

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Kidney Preservation

Viable for up to 7 days

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Cell and Gene Therapy - Cell Preservation

Viable for up to 7 days

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CryoStasis’ revolutionary approach to preserving biological material traces its roots to the Canadian Arctic. Born of biochemist Olga Kukal’s fascination with the winter survival strategies of insects, our technology rejects a commonly held belief – that in order to preserve life, we must freeze it.

Our Novel Cold Chain Management Process


Proprietary storage solutions leverage unique cold shock inhibitors and membrane protectants to prevent cryoinjury to biological material.


Proprietary temperature management devices and shipping solutions provide the flexibility needed to keep biological material viable for almost any preservation and logistics scenario..


Proprietary, patent-pending pressurization technology depresses the freezing point of biological material, providing long-term storage.

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Kidney Preservation

Until now, science has failed to keep organs viable post-harvest for more than a few hours. Our technology enables safe kidney storage below 0°C without freezing for up to seven days, avoiding ischemic injury during the organ transplant process.

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Cell and Gene Therapy - Cell Preservation

Freezing stem cells for research or therapy administration results in a high cell mortality rate, hindering patient care. Our technology enables safe cell storage below 0°C without freezing for up to seven days, unlocking significant benefits to regenerative medicine.

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CryoStasis is currently collaborating with some of the world's foremost stem cell research and organ transplant centres.

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Our Team

  • Jan Kaminski headshot

    Jan Kaminski

    Executive Chairman

    Jan brings decades of global growth and leadership experience to the CryoStasis team, including 15 years as President of Colonnade Investments. He’s guided venture-backed start-ups to successful M&As and held several advisory and board positions among a number of corporations and not-for-profits. His experience spans industries including agriculture, enterprise management, medical device technologies and more.

  • Keith Millar headshot

    Keith Millar

    Chief Executive Officer

    Keith has been leading teams in various markets and industries for the last 25 years. Keith’s engineering background, MBA and leadership experience yields a powerful mix of business and technology skills. Keith has led teams in Aerospace, Healthcare, IT software & services. Keith has a proven record of successfully aligning company core competencies with customer problems.

  • Thomas Allen headshot

    Thomas Allen

    Chief Science Officer

    Tom is a physical chemist with an extensive academic and professional background. While doing a postdoctoral fellowship at Ohio State, Tom met his wife, Dr. Olga Kukal. Over the course of three decades, the two founded three biotechnical companies to actualize the transformative potential of Olga’s research. As CSO, Tom honours Olga’s memory by continuing to advance the research she began more than 40 years ago and that, together, they distilled into a life-changing technology.

  • Photis Loizides headshot

    Photis Loizides

    Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Photis Loizides is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Richmond Hospital and is the founder and operator of a successful Vancouver-based plastic surgery clinic. He is a Clinical Instructor of Surgery at the University of British Columbia. Fully accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Photis has over a decade of experience performing reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures with extensive training in minimizing the effects of ischemic damage on tissues and organs.

  • Rob Mulrooney headshot

    Rob Mulrooney

    Chief Financial Officer

    Rob has over 30 years of diverse experience in industries such as telecom, software, consumer goods, automotive parts and medical equipment. Rob has worked abroad in Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland and Mexico. Rob has operational experience supporting manufacturing, R&D, sales and marketing and service divisions, as well as headquarters in global multinational companies. Rob has an undergraduate degree in Engineering, his MBA and his CPA designation.

  • Chantal Hemens headshot

    Chantal Hemens

    Vice President of Operations

    Chantal has over thirty years of combined technical and management experience in the biotech and telecommunications industries. In the past 17 years, she led teams in both small (<50) and medium (>500) size medical device organizations with focus on manufacturing, quality, and regulatory compliance. Chantal provided strategic and tactical leadership for manufacturing medical devices to achieve business critical objectives while meeting global regulatory and quality requirements and exceeding customer expectations. Chantal’s science and operations background, coupled with her passion for leading people, a strong combination with proven results.

  • Sebastian Hadjiantoniou headshot

    Sebastian Hadjiantoniou

    Vice President of Research and Development

    Sebastian is a cellular biologist turned entrepreneur. Having completed his masters in neuroscience from Kings College London and Phd in cell biology from the University of Ottawa, his expertise lies in cellular life. He co-founded Incuvers, a hardware biotechnology company whose mission was to connect every researcher around the world in real time. The company raised over $1.5M in pre-seed funding and commercialized their flagship product IRIS in under 30 months. Sebastian’s academic and fast paced startup background brings an interdisciplinary lens and first principles approach to bringing product to market. 


We're on a mission to give life to research, healthcare, patients, and the world.

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